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  • Adam

    11/10/2014 4:53:34 AM | Reply

    How can I use the system

  • Jassline

    11/10/2014 5:37:25 AM | Reply

    Good start.

  • ISA

    11/10/2014 5:55:12 AM | Reply

    Hello there. I see your link on FaceBook page. I'm studying English Language so I want to test my English. Thanks so much for creating this site.

  • ruth_andini27

    11/11/2014 5:11:28 AM | Reply

    I have a problem in English, maybe you can help me to solve this problem. I want to speak English clearly, but I'm still 14th, maybe you can give another testing to make it better. I've tried to answered all questions but, the result is still not good. I hope you'll help me.. thanks,

  • Hend32

    11/12/2014 3:21:48 PM | Reply

    Entschuldiegunf, hab nicht verstanden, was soll ich machen, damit ich diese Pruefung mache ! Es gibt hier 1) *Username 2)Password 3)Coud nummber ? ich hab das verstanden aber welche Name, Passwort soll ich schreiben ?

    • Moderator

      11/12/2014 3:24:47 PM | Reply

      Wenn Sie sich registrieren möchten, müssen Sie einen Benutzernamen und ein Passwort wählen , und geben Sie den Code. Dann können Sie den Benutzernamen von Ihnen gewählten verwenden . Wenn Sie nicht wollen, zu registrieren, verwenden generischen Benutzernamen , das ist : user1
      Das Passwort ist : User1
      Wenn Sie verwenden die oben Benutzer-ID gehen Sie zu Login-Seite http://www.languageexamcenter.com/login.aspx und verwenden Sie die oben userid möchten

      • Hend32

        11/12/2014 4:58:42 PM | Reply

        hab das schon gemacht aber wird nicht geklapt, weiss nicht.
        Naja ich versuche nochmal. Auf jeden Fahl, vielen Dank

        • Moderator

          11/12/2014 5:01:34 PM | Reply

          Melden Sie sich als user1 . Das Passwort ist User1 . Dies ist Groß- und Kleinschreibung .

  • Mrs. La Cour

    11/14/2014 6:25:16 AM | Reply

    Hi , this sounds interesting and a very helpful service.  How could the exams be oral?  Do you have some examples I can see?  Looking forward to the next step.

    Mrs. La Cour

    • Moderator

      11/14/2014 6:26:42 AM | Reply

      Hello Mrs. La Cour,
      Thank you for your interest in our free online language exam program. Oral exam is something new we have recently implemented. You can login to http://languageexamcenter.com/login.aspx . You can use userid: user1. The password for user1 is User1. (This is case sensitive). Then click on “Start Exam” link next to “Sample Oral English Exam”. After question is loaded you need to listen to the question by clicking on “>” (red right arrow).
      After listening to the question you can record your answer by clicking the “play” button. The first time, you need to click to popup message to “Allow” the program to work. You need to have microphone in order to record your answer.
      After you finish, you click on “Stop” icon. You can listen to your answer and or click on “Next” to go to next question.
      You can also try on written exams. If you are interested and want to add your own exams to your own students, we can set up admin account for you to design your written or oral questions and ask your students to go to the site and exercise your exams. You can always see their progress there.
      If you also want we can provide a presentation for you via desktop sharing.
      Please let me know if I can assist.